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Saturday, June 12th, 2004
7:58 pm
Friday, January 23rd, 2004
6:42 pm
back again
i just wanted to put my feeling and song up :)

Current Mood: lonely
6:34 pm
and im back! from outer space!
whats new in my life.....

*-Deployments to Iraq....
*- meeting someone new who makes me laugh
*-finsing out my best friend is slowly loosing herself to drugs
*-working like a dog
*-going on a nice vacation this summer--belgium--germany..shit like that

thats about it so far ill update this as soon as something actually interesting happens
Wednesday, November 6th, 2002
12:04 am
hapy bday to me
ok so im a week late, who cares HAPPY BDAY TO ME it was Last wednesday..everyone forgot :( my dad forgot, my "friends" didnt call. but my mom did give me a dozen roses......

Current Mood: quixotic
Tuesday, October 29th, 2002
8:39 am
long time no talk to EH
sorry ive been super busy to write in, ive been preparing for my ship off date. everything is going ok so far. but its only the begining of an interesting adventure i think. i keep wondering if i made a good choice with the air force, they are the easiest branch and i really wanted a challange and a chance to prove myself to myself. both physically and mentally. i know that i will be fine, but i have heard that the AF has the easiest BT and i was going to join the marines for the experience, anyways listen to me ranbling on, im probably not making any sence.takl to ya'll later!
Sunday, July 21st, 2002
12:16 am
im going to indiana..anyone want me to send them a postcard reply with your addy!
Tuesday, July 16th, 2002
9:36 am
i saw cows
i saw cows, and bugs, and horses, and ants,, and bee's. i went caping in winthrup. it was fun.

Current Mood: busy
Tuesday, July 2nd, 2002
1:20 pm
ignorance sucks
i was at the book store the other day sitting in a chair and reading and these 2 guys were talking. one man commented on how women dont belong in the militray and that they belong in the kitchen. at first i just kinda blew it off, then he said that women coudlnt make it. so i put my book down and said that im in the militray and i think im goign to make it and i am just as good if not better as most of the guys in the military. i said that he obiously doesnt know shit if he is saying stuff like this. and that he is the one that belongs in the home. i was so pissed off. i couldnt believe that peopel are so rude and sexist. i just dont understand why we all cant get along. its so sad to see the world falling apart.

Current Mood: pissed off
1:14 pm
Tuesday, June 18th, 2002
3:50 pm
fucking a
im tired and starving. i just spent the entire day at the ER with my dad. when iw as riving hom home i heard a thump and i think my dad passed out for a few seconds, i dont know i just sat there and drove and when i dropped him off at the house i made his bed and then left

Current Mood: cranky
Sunday, June 16th, 2002
10:41 am
i have no reason to be writing i just want to. last night was fun until we all started drinking. if im drinking i cant be around couples and i hate it when guys hit on my friends in front of me when im drinking. then i get jealous and feel badly about myself. i kept the bottle cap from every drink i had, the bottom of my purse was filled by the end of the night. i had my good friends bachardi and captain morgan to keep me company for a couple hours.

Current Mood: intimidated
10:26 am
a hungovre story
so this is my new email? what all happened with you
nix and adam? did he find his wallet? girl i woke up
this morning sooooooooooooo sick lol. i didnt puke but
i thought i was going to. and my mom kinda knew i was
drinking, but she didnt care. how tight is that! ill
talk to you later love, bye
Thursday, June 13th, 2002
9:50 am
i just finished high school..go me.... now i get to find a job and work all the time until next year. mom was too hung over to go to graduation and my dad just didnt care to go, what loving parents i have.

Current Mood: disappointed
Monday, June 10th, 2002
10:20 am
im confusdeded
well its the last week of school!! woohoo! Tristans 22nd bday is next week. he needs to get his punk bitch ass over to the house. we still have his christmas presents. hmph. i havent seen his since August. thats almost a year! damn the unholy man!. ah well whatcha gunna do. well better get ready to go to class! hasta!

Current Mood: confused
Sunday, June 9th, 2002
6:08 pm
im pooopdededed
i ran that race today, i dont know what place i got but i ran the 5k in 39 min flat. isnt too bad for my first race. 100's of people showed up. it was to help the Seattle Animal Shelter. alot of gorgeous dogs there. www.furry5k.com is the website. im going to check it within the next few days to see what i placed in the race. well i gotta go! bye!

Current Mood: groggy
Saturday, June 8th, 2002
9:55 pm
oh yeah... im running a 5k tomorrow to support the animals at the Seattle animal sheltar. thats where i got my doggy
9:53 pm
my mom is getting everyone of my friends a card for graduating this year, and i havent even gotten a congrats. no one in my family called to say hey good job, you made it and only tried to to kill your self once that we know of.last time i checked their hands were broken, they could pick up a phon. they sure use it alot when they need something. thats just my family i suppose. only care about themselves. its every man for themselves. fuck em

Current Mood: pissed off
Thursday, June 6th, 2002
10:17 am
one week left of high school!!!!!!!! THANK THE LORD!!!!!!! im finished next wednesday! im going camping next weekend for my senior trip....

Current Mood: exhausted
Thursday, May 30th, 2002
8:38 pm
8:26 pm
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